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Letter: Rohingyas are humans too

by Michelle Liu

This letter was also published on Malaysiakini, Malay Mail and Free Malaysia Today.

The recent outpouring of hatred towards Rohingya refugees on social media has been nothing short of appalling. One “meme” stood out in particular to me – it was an edited comic strip depicting a human and a dog sleeping in a room. The human, who had been sleeping on his bed, ended up sleeping on the floor because the dog had climbed onto and gradually took up all the space on the bed.

I am sure the original comic strip was intended to depict the funny sleeping habits of dog owners and their beloved pet dogs. The edited comic strip, however, painted a different narrative as if the dog had stolen and occupied the bed which is rightfully the human’s. You get the racist idea: here, the human is the “Malaysian” and the dog, “Rohingya”.

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